Get Started Toward Your First Foster Today!

MARF pays for the what the foster animal needs and they're age appropriately vetted before going into a foster home. Heartworm, flee/tick medications are given out once a month. Treats, toys, bowls, beds, etc are normally provided by the foster home, but can be provided if necessary. Food, litter, leashes, harnesses, collars and tags are provided by MARF. The foster gets to choose the animal they wish to foster after a meet and greet. We do ask that you bring the foster to our adoption events. Dogs may not go to dog parks and all animals are inside.

Being a foster is a selfless act that can be surprisingly rewarding. If you are ready to invite a homeless pet into your home, please fill out and submit a foster application.

Please understand there is no sure way to determine how quickly an animal will get adopted. Some may get adopted very quickly, while others may take weeks and even months.

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